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Welcome to Puriphi

An holistic approach to feeling whole.
Massage Amsterdam
Massage Amsterdam
Holistic Healing

Puriphi is a place where you return to yourself and remember your wholeness. 

It’s a place to can feel safe to reconnect, reflect, perhaps release what has been collected within you, remember what you have forgotten, or retrieve what you might have left behind in order to bring you back to a whole. 

Hello beautiful soul!

I am Sanchia and I'm a trauma-informed, holistic bodywork therapist, somatic movement faciliator and ThetaHealing practitioner. 


Deeply connecting and caring for others lives within my whole being and so I find my highest joy in being able to connect with others in a way that elevates them to embody the healthy, brighter, balanced version of themselves. 

In 2020 Puriphi birthed as a place for people to feel safe to open up, enquire, and embrace all that is living within them, to be of support to transform what is no longer useful. A space for come home to themselves and their oneness…

their wholeness.

From the cradle of Puriphi, I support people on their journey in reconnecting with their essence, their source power, their soul, their light or to simply help them shine brighter. 


"Sanchia is a lovely and kind soul and this is expressed in her massages. Her touch is strong and at the same time gentle, she listen carefully to your body's needs and signals and knows exactly when to pull back or go deeper.In Sanchia's hands I felt safe and I could let my body begin hold and moved in strange positions :p without any worries. I completely trusted her and can't wait to have another amazing session of Thai yoga massage soon!"

Marta M

Where your body, mind & soul connect as a whole.

Through a combination of bodywork, breathwork & energy work, mindfulness, movement, sound therapy, and trauma-informed somatic healing with a strong intuitive and experiential ability, Puriphi takes a holistic approach to create a personalized service adept to your individual needs.


Every session, regardless of what you want to resolve or feel, is always unique to and centered around you with the intention of bringing you back into balance and wholeness. 

In every interaction, you are cared for, respected, and supported in a way that honors your needs.


Holistic Balancing
90 or 120 min.

A dynamic soulful session that brings the body, mind and energy centers back into balance.


Holistic Tune-up 
60, 90, or 120 min.

Experience mindful breathwork coupled with a bodywork modality of your choice to support your holistic being.


Energetic Sound Healing
60 min.

Clear, open and harmonize your energy centers with the help of resonating sound frequencies.

”The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind.”

Caroline Myss

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