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Sanchia Drinkwater
Hi lovely, I'm Sanchia.

While growing into adulthood I came learn a few things that changed my perspective on the world and how I relate to it, specifically how we all have to choice in how we show up and exist in it. From there came the inspiration to become a bodywork therapist. Not long after giving birth to my daughter, stepping into the new role of motherhood and having the responsibility of raising another human being, I realised how vital it was to become an example to my daughter of how to live in your purpose and in harmony our watery, living planet.

This is where the seed of Puriphi was planted.

As a youngster, I remember being able to empathise deeply with others regardless of their background or age. I found it easy to assimilate between different groups and would often be turned to as a shoulder to lead on…

I always seemed to attract or be attracted to people that were looking for or needed support. I also had an insatiable curiosity for the unknown, which at times lead to experiencing some challenging situations.

Over the proceeding years I completed many trainings in different bodywork techniques during which I came to learn that I was a highly sensitive person. Paired with the life experiences gained so far, I have been gifted with the ability to feel and sense what lives in others, emotionally and energetically (which are essentially the same thing). This is now what underpins all of the treatments that I provide (with permission of course).

The more I lean in and trust this ability, the stronger the transformation people experience during their treatments. And this goes both ways. When a client invests themselves, trusts their own feelings and what they are telling them, knowing that they hold the knowledge of the resolve they seek within their being….. and receiving a little helping hand a lot the way, the work becomes self-fulfilling. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Holistic Coach
Holistic Massage

Whether it be supporting another’s physical or emotional relief, being a listening ear, a sister companion on their journey or a guide while they dive into the depths, I am here to serve with all the knowledge and wisdom that I have and am still to gain. I feel incredibly blessed to be gifted the ability to assist others in this way. 

This is why I created Puriphi, the place where you transform the old and embody the new in every sense of your being.

Sanchia Drinkwater
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