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Aroma Massage

Experience a calm and soothing treatment that stimulates all of your senses.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Whether you wish to relax and let go after a hard day, treat minor ailments, renew your energy, or simply unwind during the pleasures of a scented massage; the effects of the essential oils together with supportive touch can be a powerful form of healing therapy. Throughout the massage, your skin will absorb elements from the essential oils in small, but effective amounts which are transported through the bloodstream to the affected areas they correspond to. It is very important to note that when working with aromatherapy oils, the entire person is treated, the mind, body, emotions, energy & soul.

The massage involves alternating between long, intentional strokes with moments of firmer pressure applied using with fingers and palms accompanied by selection of appropriate essential oils that are used to soothe and support emotional and physical healing.

Aromatherapy massage improves circulation and lymphatic flow, relaxes the muscles, calms the mind by stimulating the para-sympathetic nervous system and supports in rebalancing emotions and discharging stuck or excess energy.

After receiving this massage you will surely be left feeling well taken care of.  

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