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Time to return to yourself and remember your wholeness.
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Puriphi Holistic Treatments

Every thought and feeling we experience is registered in the fibres of our body, like a living memory bank. These thoughts, feelings, and inner experiences inform our energetic structure, which then blends and intertwines as our emotional and mental forms into our physical form, to make us who we are. 

And so when we experience prolonged stress and strain within our being whether it be external or internal, if not addressed and processed, these experiences will eventually show up in our physical body as discomfort, pain and in excessive cases, chronic ailments and disease.

Through a combination of bodywork, breathwork, energy work, mindfulness, movement, sound therapy, trauma-informed somatic healing and strong intuitive and experiential ability, Puriphi takes a holistic approach to create a personalised service adept to your individual needs. Every session, regardless of what you are wanting to resolve or feel, is always unique to and centred around you, with the intention of bringing you back into balance and wholeness. 

At Puriphi you are cared for, respected, and supported in a way that honours your needs, with sessions navigated at a pace and depth that suits your being, on all levels.

Discover all the treatments and services below.

Holistic Beauty Treatments

Did you know that I also provide holistic, non-invasive beauty treatments?

Because how you feel on the inside reflects on the outside, so working together to feel good in your skin can do wonders for boosting your confidence, self-esteem and help ignite the determination and will power to let the inner transformations shine through. 

Bamboo Stick Massage
Puriphi Holistic Treatments

Maderotherapy is a holistic non-invasive body sculpting treatment based on an ancient oriental technique, which since the 90s, is more popularly known as Colombian Wood Therapy. 

With the use of anatomically designed wooden tools, the body is sculpted to accentuate its natural contours, smoothing out cellulite and improving overall skin tone. 

Maderotherapy works by using heat to break down the subcutaneous layer of fat underneath to skin. This is performed by repetitively sliding, gliding and rubbing in the directions of the body’s natural curves and guiding the lipid fluids and waste towards the lymphatic system to be drained out naturally.

In this way, wooden therapy burns fat and accelerates the body’s metabolism. 

The treatment uses oil on the body to allow to smooth movement of tools on the skin, with a choice of a plain cold-pressed sort (suitable for sensitive skin) or a herbal infused oil to increase lipid (fat) drainage (suitable for all other skin types).

Results with this technique can usually be seen after the first 3 treatments and may require anywhere up to 8 sessions to see the desired transformation.


Sessions are generally advised to be taken once a week, however, you will be advised during your consultation, included in your first treatment session, where your chosen areas are assessed. 

Treatment pricing

45 mins* - €64
*Usually enough time to cover two large zones of the body.

Package of 5 x 45 mins - €296  (8% discount)

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