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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Targets tension stored in the deeper layers of muscles and fascia.

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A strong muscle massage that focuses on releasing tension in the deeper layers of muscles and fascia, and promotes correct muscle function within the body.

Particularly effective at easing chronic aches and pains, deep tissue massage focuses sustained pressure on specific contracted areas, such as stiff neck, tight shoulders, upper back pain, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness, sore hands, arms or feet. This technique can also promote faster healing after injuries by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.


During the massage you will experience a combination of slower, deep strokes that are aimed at warming up the body, along with acupressure, applied using the hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows, that work to break up adhesions (knots) that have built up in the fascia and perhaps, scar tissue that has formed as an injury heals.  

At the beginning of the massage, your needs are established and will be the main focus of the massage. It is performed with warm oil on the body while lying on a massage table therefore your level of undress is based on your comfort, however, the area(s) being worked on will need to be exposed.

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