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Taking care of yourself the holistic way


Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient bodywork technique that combines acupressure and assisted yoga poses.


Therapeutic Yoga Massage

An advanced Thai Yoga Massage tailored to alleviate specific ailments.


Deep Tissue/Sport Massage

Targets tension stored in the deeper layers of muscles and fascia.

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Aroma Massage

Stimulate your senses with essential oils and supportive touch


Intuitive Relaxation Massage

An holistic massage that tunes into you to restore or balance the flow of energy within the body.

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Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations! 😉

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Therapeutic Mixed Massage

Combination of Thai Table + Any Style of Oil Massage 

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Fire Cupping (Dry Hijama)

Supplemental add-on for any oil massage (excl., Pregnancy massage)


Thai Foot Reflexology

Coming soon!

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Chair Massage

Coming soon!


Abdominal Massage

(Chi Ne Tsang)

Coming soon!



Thai Yoga Massage & Meditation

YOGA MASSAGE classes are designed hold space for you to unwind and let go of all the stresses and tensions of the week gone by, through guided meditation and massage exchange. 

In this class you and a partner will experience the wonders that Nuad Bo Rarn - better known as Thai Yoga Massage - have to offer. Duo Yoga Massage is designed to be accessibe to all, no matter your fitness or flexibility level and you can attend the classes to multiple times a week to receive massage ​at a fraction of the cost of an individual treatment. Whether you come to the class with someone you know or pair up with another participant in the session, it's a wonderful way to give a gift of relaxation to yourself and the person you are massaging.

During the class you will participate in short guided meditation which leads into a 2 part sequence of dynamic & passive yoga stretches. The routine can vary from class to class and always works to increase flexibility and maintain good mobility, in combination with acupressure which focuses on releasing tension and energy blockages in the body. 
All movements and positions are performed & received whilst maintaining awareness of our breath. This activates the para-sympathetic nervous systems which allows the body to become grounded and relaxed once again. leaving you feeling rejuvenated, reenergised and ready to take on life.

Sanchia facilitates this class in a number of yoga studios in Amsterdam. Click below for more information about where you attend these classes or if you are interested to book these classes for your studio or event.



Provided upon request

Would you like to learn how to give Thai Yoga Massage and learn more about the philosophy behind this traditional ancient medicine?
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